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May 14, 2008,

Real Estate Concerns – Montgomery AL

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Flood Plain & Flood Insurance, Prairie (Expansive) Soil, Radon, Lead, Termites, Environmental issues, E.I.F.S., Mold, Sex Offender Registry, Local Growth patterns, etc.

 Link to the  RealtyVan Article Index  with a number of articles on these and other relevant topics.

Real Estate Education – Building your Future

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Central Alabama Real Estate Academy  soon to enter its fourth year of providing quality education to the real estate community.

Selling a home – It’s all about Time & Money

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FOUR factors YOU control greatly determine the activity your home will receive. 

  1. The marketing plan which you develop with or without the assistance of an agent. Maybe just a simple ForSaleByOwner (FSBO) sign to an elaborate marketing plan which may include any number of advertising tools and  the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Good marketing gets them to your street and in front of your home.
  2. Second the price you ask for your home.  Price can overcome a lot of problems.  Price the property  too high and they will just drive-by.
  3. Third the outside appearance . First impressions are the most lasting!
  4. and Fourth the overall condition of your home inside & out.

More helpful tips on selling your home can be found on my Great tips and suggestions for home preparations prior to listing  All designed to help sell your house faster and help you make more $Money.

Buying a home – One of Life’s big decisions

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A SIX step Process to buying your home

  1. Learn the local housing market:  What is available, What are the prices, What is the future development of the area, Traffic flow to and from work, Environmental concerns including sound and noxious odor.  Always remember the saying  “The Three most important concerns in buying a house are location, location, location.”
  2. Learn the process:  Offer Acceptance Contract and Negotiations, Binder money, Closing terms and costs, and Good Title (title insurance).
  3. Obtain Financing.  Learn your credit score. Your payment will be determined by two factors the price you pay and the financing that provides the money.  Discover the many loan products and check for Government programs and community bond programs to include down payment assistance etc.  Having financing in place before making your offer, strengthens your offer.
  4. Require in all cases a Seller’s Disclosure (signed by the owner) to help make the playing field level.  This brings honesty to the process or helps to determine if the actions of the seller may have been fraudulent.
  5. Always have the home professionally inspected.  Know the inspector and know their credentials.  I do not recommend a home inspector who does not have the infrared viewing device to “see” inside the walls and determine problems not visible to the “naked” eye.
  6. Taxes and Insurance:  What are the local property taxes and are there any programs designed to help me (age, handicap etc.)  What are the taxes on the sale and or profits when I sell.  Learn the differences and requirements to home owners insurance, liability insurance, wind insurance (separate in some states), What does the policy insure with regards to my personal property and the limits i.e. $4,000 for firearms would not protect the avid collector, jewelry etc.. FLOOD Insurance is NEVER a part of the home owners policy may be required or is it recommended for the house you are buying.  Title insurance for the mortgage company and for the owner – separate policies.

More helpful tips on buying your home can be found on my Web Site

Issues you need to know about the Montgomery Alabama Area

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Flood Plain, Soil, Environmental issues, Growth patterns, etc.  Please provide your comments on our area.

Buying a home one of Life’s major decision

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Please provide your experiences so others may benifit.

Real Estate Education – Building your Future

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Central Alabama Real Estate Academy soon to enter its fourth year of providing quality education to the real estate community.  Provide your questions for the “Professor” to answer.

January 11, 2007,

ActiveRain Community

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You can find great local Alabama real estate information on Jim VanErmen is a proud member of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network, a free online community to help real estate professionals grow their business.

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